Mastermind Lab #1

These days to move alone is hard as a new coach. It's challenging working professionally to develop your passion. Results come with action.

If you are a starting up coach or professional working full time and on the side having idea of your passion to start - would it be yoga teaching, drawing, cooking, anything - you do not find the right time and people to hold you in action, in other words, keep accountable or even kicking.

This is it.

Our brain is off task 47% of the time. We get interrupted every 11 minutes.

Together we can do and be more. Mastermind is the space to become better coach in action and a professional developing his "hustle" that one day it becomes the own full-time job.

Agenda of the meeting:
1. Opening
2. Mastermind Lab and myself
3. Few lines about you.
4. Open flow to present your idea, challenge and what are you looking for: advice, a new perspective, example.
5. Insights lab process
6. Closing remarks and feedback.

A demo version of mastermind will offer you:

Make decisions instead of staying stuck.

• Sharpen your business and personal skills.

Tap into the experience and skills of your peers.

• Create real progress in your business.

• Take advantage of opportunities, instead of watching them go by

Get honest feedback, advice, and creative brainstorming.

• Solve problems that have been stumping you for a long time.

• Create action plans and have the group hold you accountable.

Receive critical insights into yourself and your business.

• Get validation for choices, decisions, or actions you've taken.

Get your "reality check" for ideas or projects you are thinking about....and so much more.

Mastermind groups offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills.

"It is a great kick to those, who feel stuck in their problem! Loreta creates a very safe environment to go out of the comfort zone to speak and share ideas with unknown people. Although actually, that's much better psychologically to present ideas, share inner doubts or issues with unknown people instead of close or well known, because we are often afraid of their reactions, doubts, and even judgments."

A.G, participant

Loreta's Mastermind Lab is a good platform where anyone can be vulnerable and allow you to share your doubts, fears and limiting beliefs with no judgment. At the same time, this allowed me to share how i approach a certain situation and share my authenticity.

Joy, participant

"Before this MasterMind Lab with Loreta I felt completely overwhelmed by everything I am trying to accomplish in a truly short space of time. It felt as if I was going to fail again at attempting to turn my dreams into reality - I was starting to run out of energy and momentum and losing faith in myself. During the session, I received so much wisdom, support, and guidance from other participants, including Loreta which I can incorporate into my life to help me succeed - I am excited about my journey and cannot wait to live my dream. This was an amazing session and trying to put the value of it into words does not do it justice. Thank you so much for a truly inspiring experience Coach Loreta!"

Danielle, participant

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Wed Mar 3, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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